‼️STOP PRESS! New All Saints Parish Community Website Goes LIVE!‼️

Hello everyone,

John Adams, our Parish Council Webmaster, has been hard at work in a darkened room, illuminated just by the glimmer from an old 40w bulb and only coming out at night, occasionally refreshed by a crust, the occasional sausage roll and a bottle of water lobbed through the door by Kathy. Relentlessly toiling away, he has now finally produced a new community website to replace the old one and now reports to me that it has indeed gone LIVE!

 So, if you go through the usual process of typing aspc.org.uk, be prepared not to slip once more through a gap in the time space continuum and find yourself back in a website world of 20 years ago but instead discover a totally different place, surrounded by all things ‘All Saints’. Amongst other items, it contains news of events, special interest groups, an image gallery, a fountain of local information and footpath maps as well as useful local contact details. It even has a ‘Search’ facility – don’t let it ever be said that the village hasn’t reached the 21st century (apart from the broadband situation, but don’t get me started on that one!). 

Finally, John has asked me to make sure to point out that, on the home page, you can subscribe to this website so that new relevant information will be sent to you automatically – you can select which categories of updates you wish to receive and, of course, can unsubscribe at any time. 

Go on, take a look, then spread the word – thanks,


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