Conditions of Hire:


*Lighting and heating are included in your letting as appropriate.

*There is a large gas  cooker, a fridge, an urn, kettles and plentiful hot water for washing up.

*General assorted crockery is available – a rather mixed collection of constantly changing quantities.

*There is no ‘casual cutlery’ available and no glassware – its too difficult to keep a check on them.

*Tea towels are NOT provided. Much better to bring your own clean ones and washing-up liquid.

*A matching set of 100 place settings – dinner plate, sweet bowl, tea plate, cup & saucer – is available.

*A set of 100 place settings of cutlery – from odd sources – is also available.

*A separate key is available for the bar door if you have an outside caterer for that side of the letting –useful even if you are doing it yourself

*There is a ramp at the front door for wheelchairs and a newly built toilet for the disabled. There is no access to the stage for disabled people so the stage must not be used as part of a display area for art or produce shows or similar activities.


1)  The Hirer(s) shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the Hall, fixtures, fittings or surroundings occurring during the period of the letting. No sub-letting of any part of the hall shall be allowed.

2)  The hirer is responsible for collecting and returning keys, opening and locking the Hall, switching off electric lights and power, checking that the gas cooker has been left in a safe condition, for general supervision and arranging for payment of the hire charges.

A responsible adult may be delegated to perform these tasks.

3)  The deposit of £50 shall be paid at the time of booking.  It is not returnable in the event of cancellation except for compassionate reasons.  The deposit will be returned if the Hall and its surroundings are left in a clean  state with all goods and rubbish removed totally from the site by 10 a.m. on the day following the event or another time by arrangement. An appropriate part of the deposit may be used to pay for cleaning, removal of refuse to the local dump and any repairs if these matters have not been attended to by the Hirer(s).

The balance of the full hire charge shall be paid  at least four weeks before the event.

4)   No excisable liquor shall be sold unless a Temporary Event Notice has been submitted to EDDC at least two weeks in advance on the correct form and with the permission of the Hall Committee.

Application forms and full conditions

There is a help line to EDDC on 01395 517410

5)   All the conditions of the Entertainments and Theatres Licence shall be observed for “Public” bookings including the hours detailed below in “8”. The seating capacity of 144 and an overall capacity of 250 are the maximum allowed and these limits must not be exceeded. No admission charge may be made for “Private” events or functions.

6)  ” Public” discos are not  acceptable to the committee and bookings for these will not be taken.

7)   A member of the Management Committee or an agent of the Committee shall have the right of entry at all times and may inspect the premises after each letting at 10 a.m.

8)   Under the terms and conditions of the Entertainment Licence the Hall may only be used from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 a.m. next day for activities admitting members of the general public.

The same times apply to private events. Alcohol sales must stop at 1.00 a.m.; activities must cease at 1.30 a.m. and the hall must be vacated by 2.00 a.m. after clearing up.                                             

9)   Nails, pins or other objects shall not be driven into any part of the Hall and decorations, placards, posters, pictures or signs shall not be affixed by any means whatsoever other than on the fitted notice boards; in particular nothing may be fixed to the ceiling or walls because of the damage caused by removal..

10)   No extension shall be made to the existing electricity system.

11)   The fire extinguishers must not be interfered with and the Hirer(s) will be responsible for the full re-charging and call-out charges if they are mis-used.

12)   The exits from the building must be kept clear at all times and particular attention paid to the need to keep parked cars away from the fire exit through the side doors.

13)   For Health and Safety reasons children are not allowed into the kitchen unless fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

14)  The lane alongside the Hall is the drive to a private house and must be kept clear at all times