Cricket Field and Pavilion Maintenance

The Pavilion Working Group met in early May and the Parish Council have delegated powers to this group to implement some much-needed cosmetic improvement to this community building. 

Some of you sharp eyed people will have noticed that the field has been cut for the first time this year almost in its entirety.

As with the Pavilion building, the Parish Council is committed to providing a recreational space for all the residents of All Saints Parish. However, the terms of our lease also means we are obliged to maintain the premises and the field to a certain standard. The whole field, with a few exceptions, has been cut to encourage this year’s new growth.

The working group will be embarking on creating areas of planting, encouraging the growth of wildflowers around the edges of the field and the headlands will be allowed to regrow. Luckily, we managed to locate several areas where the green-winged orchid was growing and were able to protect them.  This is an ongoing project for the benefit of the Parish and its Parishioners.

Green Winged Orchids on the Cricket Field – May 2024

If you want to get involved in the working group, please use the Contact Us page.