Introducing the PRoWlers

You may not have heard of the PRoWlers before, but that’s about to change!

The acronym PRoW is used to mean Public Rights of Way.  This is a department in Devon County Council that is responsible for those rights of way.  They also manage the P3 scheme – where P3 is used to denote Public Paths Partnership.

The parish’s P3 wardens have been overseeing our footpaths for many years either working with the landowners or carrying out clearances and maintenance themselves.

And P3 is where the ‘PRoWlers’ come in!  Richard Greaves and John Adams have taken over the role of Footpath Wardens for the parish, so technically they are P3 Wardens, but rather liked the name PRoWlers – so PRoWlers they now are.

The Parish Council has generously donated a small corner of the Community Website that will be used to document the PRoWlers antics. You’ll soon be able to find an entry in the News section of the website.

You can send a note to the PRowlers at if you want to share!

So, keep an eye on the website… and subscribe to see what ‘Ricky Strimmer’ and ‘Jonny Trimmer’ are up to – quite likely in your neck of the woods!

Believe it or not – there is a gate in there somewhere – The ProWlers will find it!