Non-arrival of Polling Cards

Hello everyone,

There have been recent concerns as to the non-arrival of polling cards for the General Election in 48 hours time although I am sure that many of you know that, these days, you don’t actually need your polling card to vote anymore. However, at the eleventh hour, EDDC have issued a statement regarding this issue and can be seen by using this link:

This also includes information about delays concerning postal vote packs. Administrative cock-ups (never experienced one of those before!) seem to have been responsible for the polling card situation but EDDC say that they were posting all the cards out yesterday by First Class mail so expect to see Mark struggling in the next day or so under the extra weight of bureaucracy.

However, even if you don’t receive your cards before the Big Day, the vital thing to remember is that you MUST take suitable photo id. with you and remember that even Boris J wasn’t allowed in to vote in May as he didn’t have any photo id. with him!

Accepted forms of documents which can provide this are listed on this link:

It’s worth noting the bit too where it states ‘Expired photographic ID documents can be accepted as ID at the polling station so long as the photo still bears a likeness to the elector’ although I find this interesting as I’m not sure actually how much even my current photo id. picture resembles me at times in real life!