PRoWlers’ Progress

In May 2024, Ricky Strimmer and Jonny Trimmer took over the job of P3 Footpath Wardens for the parish of All Saints.  Their predecessor (and the predecessors before that) had done a great job over the years so these were BIG boots to fill. Click to see a photo of Tim “on the job”.

They started by simply walking the paths using the maps on this website to try and understand the scale of the job.  In essence, the job is to make sure that the footpaths and bridleways are safe and passable throughout the year.  There are miles of paths and bridleways within the parish, admittedly, some more used than others.

Armed with their trusty note taking equipment (a mobile phone and a flask of tea) – they walked and noted as they went.

It soon became apparent that prioritisation was the order of the day.  Safety first, then the other stuff.

They also started getting reports from parishioners about this, that and the other.  Of course, that meant that each report had to be investigated and prioritised if action was required.

So here is a diary of their activities.