Village Historical Archive

Here you will find historical images of our village and surrounding area. We’re hoping to build this into an archive over time, so if you have photos from days gone by, let us see them.

Use the Contact Us page to let us know what you’ve got and we’ll tell you how to get them posted. Ideally, we’d like a description of what, when and where and who the photographer was – if known.

If you’ve got them in hard copy only, then it’s possible we can scan them and get them posted.

Queen’s Jubilee in 1977

Let’s kick off with this contribution from a Mr. Shaw of Smallridge. Mr. Shaw found this photo in a trunk in the loft of the village hall. Thank you Mr. Shaw.

Fabulous photo from the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977, taken in the school playground. – Click the image to enlarge in a new window/tab.