Village Show 2021

All Saints Village Show

The day dawned sunny and warm as 19 entrants, some hopeful, some less hopeful, brought their Spuds-in-a-Bag and their nettles to the welcoming music of the Offbeats.

Last year’s winner, David Kowal, threw down the gauntlet with 1,102 grams of potatoes, but could only achieve a worthy second place. Peter Spencer, a previous holder of this prestigious award, weighed in with a socking 2,465 grams. David’s father, Stan, produced 1,052 grams to take third place and Jean Shaw just missed out on a podium place with 1,044 grams. Here is a list of the results.


weight in grams

Peter Spencer


David Kowal


Stan Kowal


Jean Shaw


Dexter and Bodhi Tucker (1)


Linda Ledingham


Janet Hardy


Dexter and Bodhi Tucker (2)


Tim Pedder


Anthea Bareham


Mark Brooks


Ian Bateman


Sue Coleman


Shelagh Barnard


Dunn (1)


Dunn (2)


Even more competitively fought for was the dubious accolade of winning the longest nettle competition. The winner was Clive Bareham with 286.5cm, closely followed by Anthea Bareham with 272cm, this prompted a remark from the audience that “it says something about your garden!” Ian Bateman was third with 268cm. However, as nettles go, Ian’s specimen was a superb example and was given special mention and an award of a chocolate orange. Here are the results.

Clive Bareham         286.5cms

Anthea Bareham     272cms

Ian Bateman            268cms

Mark hardy               266cms

Janet Hardy              264cms

Verity Bengough      237cms

David                         233cms

Stephen Gee            218cms


Whilst you are here, scroll down and take a look at the virtual Summer Exhibition. The limericks are especially entertaining and some additional photographs have been added of the presentation of the All Saints Challenge Trophy.

Dare I say we look forward to a full show on traditional lines next year!


The Virtual Show Exhibition

How to view the All Saints Summer Show Virtual Galleries:

The pictures should change automatically, but you can also navigate through the galleries by using the arrows either side of each image.  The arrows are white on light grey and therefore a little difficult to find!   You can alternatively use the arrow keys on your computer. 

Hover your cursor over the image to pause auto-scroll.  If you find the images have stopped changing over, it may be because your cursor is on the image, or the area around it.  Move the cursor out beyond the arrows.

Enjoy the Show!


Photographic Gallery

“All Saints 2020/2021”

Colouring Art Gallery


Gallery of High Brow Poetry (Limericks on a topical theme)


Presentation Ceremony