Maybe A Word Of Warning To Those Who Might Need It?

Hello everyone,

A villager told me very recently that their elderly next door neighbour had been visited and, in the process, was interrupted in the middle of a telephone conversation with his open chequebook in front of him and giving his account details to a ‘foreign-sounding gentleman’, although he was unsure of who they were.

He was encouraged to end the call there and then while a family member, as power of attorney, was able to contact his bank for him who confirmed that it was nothing to do with them but there had been some suspicious signs of activity on the account and they quickly stopped any further action, while cancelling his card and sending him out a new one.

I am well aware that, as well as messages I have sent out before, these fraud scams are reported with increasing regularity in the general media and most of you will know by now what to look out for. However, information out there about us lurking in the darker recesses of the internet can enable criminals to target specific groups and their aim is not infrequently at the elderly and more vulnerable members of the community. So, perhaps if you have neighbours or friends who might be more susceptible who aren’t perhaps so switched on to these scams, maybe a gentle word of warning might not come amiss.